Why Phone Leads Matter


If you’ve ever asked yourself what the most valuable type of lead is, this article is for you

Not every lead is created equal. Just ask your sales manager which types of leads he or she would like more of, or look at the BIA/Kelsey report below showing the percentage of businesses that rate phone leads as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.


Form downloads, e-books and newsletter sign ups, or other website leads can be excellent for generating email contacts and potential leads, but these prospects are more commonly than not only at the start of the decision making process and just beginning their research. They are much less ‘buy ready’ than someone who chooses to pick up the phone and contact your business directly after interacting with your website.

If you sell a complex or high value product, work in the B2B space, have a booking an appointment style sale or if your product or service has any immediacy then phone leads are going to be the most prevalent type of lead, and often close quicker and more often. If you are optimising your marketing campaigns on the lesser type of lead only (i.e. web form completions) then you are missing a massive opportunity. If most of your leads come over the phone, and those leads are higher quality, the logical next step is to measure and optimise marketing campaigns based on these type of leads.

We’re not the only ones who have identified the most valuable lead type – Google did some research on click to call conversions, and we have included that information with other call insights obtained by BIA/Kelsey and IMShopping and Interactive below.


The phone is a significant driver of revenue for your business, and a common call to action for many marketing campaigns. If you are interested in tracking what generates these highly valuable leads contact us today