Top 5 Reasons Businesses Use Call Tracking

Top 5 Reasons business use call tracking

Our customers have helped us compile a list of the top reasons they use Call Tracking.

“I never knew I needed an iPhone until I got one” – Unknown consumer

This type of sentiment is often felt by marketers after implementing Call Tracking on their website. We often hear them say they can’t believe they made marketing decisions without it. We feel the same, how can we make informed marketing decisions without visibility on what initiatives make the phone ring? We’ve put together the top 10 reasons businesses use Call Tracking, but there are plenty more

1. Attribute every lead

Without Call Tracking, marketers can only track consumers that convert as leads on the website. Things like web form completions, e-book downloads or emails. These leads need to be tracked, but for many industries the majority of their leads from the website occur over the phone. Not only are phone leads more prevalent, they are higher value. People that pick up the phone are further progressed in the decision making process and more ‘buy ready’.

It’s important to understand what digital marketing initiatives drive these high value phone leads, so you can get more of them!

2. Measure and reduce key campaign metrics

Businesses want to allocate budget to marketing campaigns that are performing the best. That’s obvious, but if businesses generate phone leads from their website and aren’t tracking the calls then they have no way of knowing which campaigns work the best.

How can you accurately measure the cost per lead (CPL) for a certain campaign, let alone a cost per acquisition (CPA) without call tracking? Without Call Tracking it is impossible to compare campaign success and make confident decisions. Understanding what channels drive phone leads, and factoring these insights into traditional online lead measurement allows marketers to categorically see what channels are successful online.

Is SEO more effective than SEM for driving leads? Has anyone called from my latest eDM? Answer these questions with Call Tracking and spend your marketing dollars confidently.

3. Optimise paid search

You’re paying for every click. Start factoring in phone calls to see the true power of paid search and make every click count.

Ad copy optimisation – Do variations of ad copy effect lead generation from your landing pages? Test out variations and track the difference in phone calls generated – include online leads too of course!

Identify high value keywords – understand what keywords drive phone calls and which don’t. Take budget from keywords not converting to leads and allocate it to high performing keywords driving phone calls. Our customers see a huge increase in phone conversions and Adwords ROI by doing this. Open Universities Australia increased its phone leads by 249% with no increase in search spend with out insights, ask us about the case study.

Total adgroup and campaign analysis – Get full visibility on the success of your adgroups and campaigns. Improve your paid search ad scheduling by cross referencing time of day trends with ad group success. One customer realised branded search campaigns were 40% more successful on the weekend than non-branded campaigns, altered their ad scheduling and increased conversions by 190% whilst reducing search spend by 20%. Not bad.

Best of all, our phone conversions are integrated directly with Adwords and other bid management tools so you, or your Adwords agency can optimise your paid search right from your chosen dashboard.

4. Close the loop between phone lead and sale

Understanding where all your phone and web leads come from online is a great start. But now let’s close the loop and see what marketing initiatives drive phone sales too.

If your business signs up customers on the first phone call, Call Wrap Up is for you. If you have a longer sales cycle, and leads sign up on the 4th, 5th, 10th call or months after the initial phone call then we’ll integrate our phone call insights into your CRM. See which keywords, campaigns, channels and webpages generate the most opportunities, closed sales and customers with a high lifetime value.

Not only that, you will be able to impress your CEO (or if you are the CEO, yourself) by being able to measure the total return on investment from your marketing campaigns.

5. Full control of the phone

We offer many other tools that aid businesses in their quest to own the phone. The job doesn’t finish after the phone lead is generated, make sure you are converting as many of your hard earned leads as possible. We offer call recording, missed call email alerts, IVRs, and many other tools to help you get the most out of the phone.


We integrate with Google’s suite of products, CRM systems, bid management tools and many other analytics tools marketers use everyday, meaning you don’t need to learn a whole new language. Call us today or email us to learn how simple it can be to get actionable insights tomorrow.