Call recording – the hidden value

Call recording - the hidden value

In the age of digital tracking and accountability, many call centres and even general businesses have taken to call recording for monitoring and training purposes. With increasing customer expectations, the Support and Service experience ultimately outperforming that of a competitor is on the roadmap of every business.

While there are still some concerns being raised regarding privacy, the actual impact of these queries tend not to have any impact on your business whatsoever. Indeed, many businesses using call recordings report that these complaints come mainly from employees concerned about harder to reach milestones than from customers concerned about their privacy. However, there are many reports of this tool being used to the agent’s advantage, as customers seeking support in high-stress situations will regulate their behaviour if they are aware that they are being recorded.

The benefits to the business in the long run far outweigh the concerns, as recordings can assist promoting clear communication and accountability, and keep the focus on positive customer experiences as paramount to the team’s success.

Here are some of the reasons businesses just like yours are taking advantage of the power behind call recording:

Improve Customer Service & Training

Many businesses only offer customer service over the phone, making call tracking and the monitoring of these calls to be absolutely critical to ensure team success. 

From new employees to existing team members needing that little bit of extra training, many teams find that listening to recordings can clearly communicate the dos and don’ts of customer service in real time.

These experiences can greatly enhance the training experience for team members and deliver faster, optimised and more comprehensive training results across the board.

Agent Evaluation 

For a large Support team, taking the time to listen to live calls and conduct individual evaluations of every team member can be very difficult, especially when tracking the end of year goals! Call recordings can help determine how well an employee is performing, and highlight both the good and bad components of their customer relationships.

Recordings can also highlight the big wins of the company and celebrate them within the team. This can be especially prevalent when large sales are processed or key accounts are being spoken to, to ensure the highest level of support and training is being given across the board, and to clearly prove to the team what a successful call sounds like!

Accurate record keeping

Recording calls can assist employees in remembering nuances of the complicated product and Support conversations, and also keep a record of what was discussed in a Sales environment. This is especially relevant in a team with a high turnover rate or a large team where multiple agents will speak to a client and may need to understand what was previously spoken about. Call recordings are also a great help for team members working remotely or mobile salespeople working from their tablet more than their desk, giving them the ability to take a call wherever they are and come back to it later on in the day to take notes, put together proposals and close the deal!

Call recordings can also help to resolve disputes when clients and team members differ on their interpretation of the outcome of a call, or the promises made. These recordings can be accessed to ensure the best service was provided, and clarify any confusions where needed.

Closing the loop

In the realm of call tracking, the ability to follow this caller’s journey from marketing source, through website interactions to the phone call and subsequent conversion or sale can be invaluable data that many call centres do not take advantage of!

Imagine being able to listen back to the conversation that landed the biggest sale of the year, and being able to use that experience as the basis for future campaigns and experience training across the board!

With increased training and accountability, clear record keeping and dramatically enhancing your tracking data, call recordings really are an invaluable resource for both Customer Service and Sales teams to ensure they are truly providing the best service they can give!


Jet Interactive offers a native integration into the #1 CRM in the world, Salesforce!

Our integration pulls live calls from both offline and online sources into Salesforce, and provides team members with all tracking data concerning this call, including the call conversion page, any keywords from cpc traffic and even links the call recording to the object when the call is completed. It is the top solution for call centre Team Leaders to accurate track, rank and evaluation the calls coming through their busy network!

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