Offline Conversions for Online Interactions: Integrating Call Tracking and Google Analytics

If you are a business with a website, you’ve thought about Analytics. How many people are visiting my site? Is it pretty enough? Does this content make me look… (you look great, don’t worry!)

Google Analytics easily dominates the market share for website analytics tools, and it’s easy to see why. Install a few simple pieces of code and receive detailed website information on site interactions, pageviews and the pathways your audience is using to discover your site.

But Google Analytics, indeed EVERY online analytics tool is just that – online. As scarily accurate as their ad targeting services can be, they’re not actually listening to all of our phone calls, and they’re certainly not delivering tracking data on them! When a customer picks up the phone and gives you a call, Analytics loses the link with your data. To the website, it can look like the session has dropped or ended, with no recorded conversion. This means you are losing a whole slice of your data and are not able to track the full customer lifecycle of interactions!

This is especially important for marketing agencies, as every lead you provide the client should be attributed to you, and without collecting data from the business phone calls, you are missing valuable data (and revenue!) that your time and hard-earned strategies have brought in.


So how can you track the offline conversions from your online interactions?


Start tracking your calls like you do your clicks.

Integrate your call tracking information directly into Google Analytics, and track these conversions in real time, right alongside your website data. No more bouncing between reports and trying to pull call volume data from antiquated phone systems, just everything lined up side by side with clear visibility on how your business interactions are actually going.

With this link, you will begin to see not just how your conversion goals are progressing, but what page of your site is driving these calls. You can use this to identify your money makers, improve the under-performing pages and even identify which sessions are returning callers, back for another look!

This can be especially valuable for a Sales department, as the phone call success rates of your silver-tongued sales team can sometimes be your main point of conversions. Once you start tracking and reporting on these calls, you can trace the webpage or journey a journey a prospect follows before and even during the call.

The best bit? You don’t need to change a thing.

No new software, no fiddling around with wires and forget about installing that fancy new (read: expensive) phone system! A few simple pieces of code on your website, same as Analytics, and you’re all set up!

Jet Interactive’s call tracking technology will then track which ads, campaigns, channels and keywords are driving your calls, and pushes this data through to Google Analytics in real time. We also track the Google Client ID responsible for each call and our data is sent to your Google account as an Event straight after the call ends. The Phone Call event is then linked with all the online activity that Google has tracked for the respective client ID. Once all of this data is available, you can then generate reports to prove which ads, keywords, campaigns and channels generated the phone call conversions.

By combining the tracking data from your paid Google Ads, your general website traffic AND your phone calls, businesses can properly attribute marketing value and ROI where it is due. You can finally start closing the loop between online interactions and offline conversions!


Happy analysing!


Jet Interactive offers Call Tracking integrations into Google Suite and all major CRM programs. For more information, or to book a free demo, please email or call 1300 797 037.