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Call Tracking Dashboard

So, I have a question.

Being a business operating in the digital age, you obviously (hopefully) have a website and some sort of online presence. If you’re going one step further and tracking the traffic and interactions of your page with a tool like Google Analytics, then you’re exactly the person I want to speak to.

Because my question is this: how are your phone calls going?

Do you know how people you spoke to in the last month? How many of these came from people looking through your website? Which page was the most attractive, which one impressed them enough to take a chance and pick up the phone?

Okay, so that’s more than a single question, but these answers highlight an important part of your business information. In recent years, phone calls are still one of the most effective ways of driving sales and creating business buzz, as more customers will trust talking to a real person over a bot or blank live chat window (“please wait to be connected to an agent”… we’ve all been there).

We may not have the funky old rotary phones anymore, but direct phone calls to your business are still an essential way to track the success, reach and relevance of your business and your advertising. After all, how do you know if all your hard-earned marketing dollars are worth it if you’re missing half the data??


Relax, there is a solution – you just need Call Tracking!


You NEED to be able to see what is driving calls through your business, and how those call outcomes are affecting your bottom line. Having a large call volume is great, but how many people are slipping through the gaps when you’re on a bathroom break? Or even checking to see if your receptionist is catching every call coming through, or if your business is being inundated with calls during certain hours of the day.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all this information lined up next to your website traffic information in Google Analytics?

Now, it’s no industry secret, Google is the current leader in business analytics software and ad programs. Having established themselves as the superpower of the internet, “just Google it” takes on a whole new meaning when you understand the vast workings and capabilities of data tracking and advertising tools that Google has at their fingertips.

So how do you get the best benefits out of a free product that is designed to cater for so many different needs?
You personalise it! We’re not talking about a new coat of paint and a picture of your grandmother, we are talking about custom Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics.

Every analytics software worth your time will have basic tools and measurements to help categorise and present your information in the best way for you to use. For GA, these are called metrics and dimensions.
Broken down, dimensions are the attributes of your data (eg: a user’s location, browser, date) and metrics are how you categorise these attributes (page sessions, type of call). They go above and beyond the standard data that Analytics collects, and can help you build custom reports and dashboards to see your analytics health at a glance.


At Jet Interactive, we use these custom fields to deliver clear and concise data on your call tracking goals and outcomes. These fields can be customised to fit with your business needs and tailored to measure your individual goals.


At a base level for the everyday user, we can set this up to see the comparison of site visitors vs calls made, the number of calls by user type (new vs returning visitors), and the total calls by the call conversion page, giving you the visibility at a glance of which page is generating the most phone traffic for your business. This is especially interesting adding a segment to compare mobile and tablet traffic, which gives you a clear understanding of how your customers are interacting with your site, and who is impressed enough to give you a call!

This can be even more useful and in-depth for multi-location businesses. Using the dimension of “call date” or even “answering point location” and the metric of “answered calls”, we can compare the number of calls answered each day between different offices or locations in within the company. This is also true for a metric of “unanswered calls”, which can provide greater visibility of call success rates between locations and even days of the week, assisting staffing and training needs across offices and employees.

All of this information comes as standard with Jet’s Call Tracker reporting system, but we can push this data through to Analytics in real time to give you access to your call data in line with your regular analytics reports. In addition, Jet can assemble all of this information into a custom dashboard setup for you, giving you an easy overview of all your Call Tracking needs at the click of a button!


To get a full list of Jet’s custom dimensions and metrics, or to schedule a complimentary Google Dashboard demo, please contact our team via

Happy Analyzing!


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