Jet Call Tracking Vs Google Call Forwarding

Jet Call Tracking vs Google Call Forwarding

If you haven’t heard of Google’s Forwarding numbers before, they are an Adwords product that enable you to track calls from your Adwords when people click through to your website.

It is a great starting point that introduces a lot of marketers to call tracking and has led to a lot of those marketers hungry for more complete data turning to Jet interactive. You may be wondering whether Google Call tracking is right for you, or if you would benefit more from a complete call tracking solution at Jet Interactive. Below is a table comparing Google forwarding numbers to Jet Interactives Call tracking.




A few other key differences include;

Rotating Numbers

Google’s call forwarding is an enormous engine and as happens with large scale projects not everything can be personalised. When using Google forwarding numbers you share those same forwarding numbers with all other Adwords customers in your region, they are only assigned to your business for the duration of a session, after that they will no longer connect through to your business.

With Jet call tracking we assign numbers that you own and will always be assigned to your business so that no matter when someone calls one of your numbers they will always be connected with you.

Tracking across channels

As a business that only runs PPC advertising, you may think that just tracking calls from AdWords clicks is good enough, but any marketer worth his salt knows that multiple channels play a part in every conversion. Being able to measure these conversions across multiple channels is essential to a successful marketing strategy.

Telephony Features

At Jet we are able to offer telephony features such as IVRs, complex routing, failover numbers and call centre software integrations, this gives marketers a lot more power in the way that they are able to measure their calls giving a lot more depth of qualitative data and caller journey.

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