How to Maximise Adwords Performance Using Call Tracking

what does it cost to not have call tracking

“Optimising Adwords campaigns isn’t necessarily about spending more, it’s about spending smarter.”

If you have ever spoken to a Google Account Manager you will recognise that phrase. And it’s true. The same logic that applies to optimising Adwords campaigns normally, still applies when you have factored in phone conversions – but can be used to even greater effect.

The beauty of call tracking is that it allows marketers to map every inbound lead generated by their Adwords campaigns, not just web forms or emails. Many industries have a much higher proportion of their website leads coming over the phone compared to say online forms, but others don’t. What is pretty much standard across all industries is that the leads that do come over the phone are much higher value, and convert at a much higher rate. BIA/Kelsey showed that it takes 4 web forms to generate the same revenue as one phone call. The people that do call are much more ‘buy ready’. And now the mobile revolution and ease of click-to-call is causing more and more leads to convert over the phone.

What this means for businesses that have implemented call tracking across their Adwords campaigns is that now they can optimise their Adwords campaigns based on these high value phone leads. If you or your SEM agency are optimising your campaigns for conversions, the good news is that our phone call conversions are included in the normal Adwords conversions. Some of our clients have used the methods below to improve phone lead generation from paid search upwards of 300% with no increase in search spend.

Improved ad scheduling

Our call conversions are tracked like any other call conversion. What this means is that the geographical and time of day data attached to each conversion can be used to schedule ads more effectively to drive inbound phone leads. Search for patterns and correlations with time of day, geographical and ad group trends to make sure the highest converting ad is shown to the person most likely to call from it at the right time.

Use the dimensions report in Adwords to find out when your ads perform well for phone calls and adjust bidding logic accordingly.

Superior keyword portfolio

Some keywords convert, others don’t. How can you confidently say one or other keyword is working (or not working) without an understanding of every lead it generates?

Our clients often describe how they were thinking about removing or even using negative keywords on certain keywords before they had visibility on phone conversions. Some keywords lend themselves to phone conversions moreso than others. On the other end of the spectrum, here at Jet Interactive we knew a certain keyword was generating a large quantity of phone leads, but no web enquiries. We thought great, let’s up the bids on that keyword – however when we listened to calls we realised the keyword was getting alot of enquiries from heartbroken wives and husbands asking us if we can track the calls of their loved one! Needless to say we reduced the budget on that keyword and put the money towards something relevant for us.

Are branded keywords more successful at driving calls than non branded keywords? Another question that can be answered by our call conversions in Adwords. Digital marketers start to see great success when they start to cross reference this grouping with other metrics like time of day or geo trends to serve ads much more effectively.

Ad copy optimisation

Adwords 101: the smallest changes in ad copy can effect click through rates, quality scores and web conversions. This mantra is true for phone conversions too. If you have a product that you would like to be getting more phone calls from, why not create a few different ads and split test them to see which one generates the most calls.

It’s not only best practice, but can be a good way of settling ad copy arguments with colleagues!

Remove low converting campaigns, ads and keywords

No longer is it a guessing game. Now that every lead is tracked, remove those keywords, campaigns and ads that don’t get you the leads. Put this budget towards proven performers.


These tips are for marketers who manually optimise their Adwords ads, however if you are using a bid management platform our phone conversions are automatically factored into their bidding logic which works very effectively too.