Google Adwords Becomes Google Ads

Google Adwords Becomes Google Ads

Google has announced this week that Adwords is becoming Google Ads

So what does the rebranding to Google Ads mean for you, and how is it going to affect the world of call tracking?  Here is our summary of the announcement.

So what’s actually changing?

Aside from the obvious name change to Google Ads, the revamped platform will be giving us an upgrade to our Ad management experience with Google. The focus of the new features is, as always with Google, striving to make your Ads more effective by making it easier to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. The first new addition that we’ll be getting our hands on to help with this unifying goal of all marketers is called Smart Campaigns. Google has already rolled this feature out to some early testers, who have reported smart campaigns allowing them to get up to 3 times more conversions.

Smart Campaigns image selector

The smart campaigns functionality is well and truly focused on helping Google’s ever-growing horde of small businesses who have seen the benefits of Adwords but might have struggled with creating effective campaigns. With that in mind, it is natural that smart campaigns work well with Google My Business which assist with targeting the ad creation and getting those Ads out to customers who are ready to convert. This brings us to probably the most important feature of smart campaigns. They are heavily focused on getting conversions, more than any of the other tools and additions that we have seen in Adwords previously. This is an announcement from Google to small business saying, we want you to get more conversions from your advertising!

What does it mean for call tracking?

As always phone calls generated by your Adwords or Google Ads campaigns will be tracked through our Adwords Integration. In fact, we have done and still will integrate with the whole Google suite of products. This is good news for all customers of Google Ads and anybody using call tracking, as we discussed earlier the focus here is conversions and Google understands as well as any of us that small business relies on phone calls as one of their most profitable conversions. Having smart campaigns work so tightly with Google My Business, is really going to help with increasing the number of inbound callers who are ready to buy, being able to track those calls and which campaigns are driving them is essential in maximising on the new tools that Google are going to be releasing.


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