Get Credit for Every Lead You Generate

Credit for every sale


Retention is of key importance to almost all marketing agencies. I was going to mention that old adage about it being much more expensive to acquire new clients than retain old ones but you’re probably sick of it – oh wait.

Digital marketing agencies can experience high churn rates even when they are doing great work. One of the reasons for this is because they aren’t selling themselves once they sign the client up. The works not done once the ink dries – there’s obviously a whole heap of campaign activities that start, but the selling shouldn’t stop. It’s not really selling, but moreso galvanising the value of your agency with the client. How can you do this?

Prove every lead you generate

This goes without saying, if you are only getting credit for 50% or less of the leads your work is doing, you’re opening the door to the client not recognising the great job you’re doing. Call Tracking allows you to get credit for every time you make their phone ring which is becoming more and more relevant with massive uptake of Smartphones in Australia.

Automate and build client reports

Reporting for clients shouldn’t be painful. There are tools out there which make it really easy to customise dashboards and reports tailored to the clients needs. Obviously you need to find out what metrics they want to see daily, weekly, monthly – but after that automate and put your feet up.

Create custom reports in Google Analytics with phone calls and web forms compared to responsible keywords, sources, campaigns and devices and then schedule a weekly report.

Tools like Klipfolio let you drag in metrics from other sources like social networks, Adwords, scheduling tools and Google Analytics and create (and automatically send) custom dashboards to clients. They look great, and can give your clients an overview of how many likes their social pages get, the return on investment from Adwords and how many phone leads you’re driving.

Keep your agency top of mind.

Do better work

With visibility on every lead you’re generating you have all the tools to optimise their campaigns based on what’s working. A great product breeds positive word of mouth and retention goes without saying.

Use Call Whisper

Call Whisper is an announcement at the start of each call that can announce something to whoever answers the call. Many agencies create a custom Whisper that might say “this is another call from Agency XYZ” that re-enforces your good work every time you make the clients phone ring.

Encourage integrations with other business functions

There are plenty of ways you can tie revenue back to phone leads  and any leads for that matter: our CRM integration or Call Wrap Up are two ways Jet can help with this but there are others. If you can aid your clients with this, you not only make your business an essential part of theirs but this is becoming more and more expected from clients. It is satisfying to be able to make the data talk and say definitively which marketing initiatives have directly impacted revenue. And customers love it.

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