Changes to Google Call Extensions


Google and Call Tracking have come a long way in the past couple of years and with the ever increasing reliance on our smartphones that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. More and more smartphones are being used every day, but more to the point they are actually being used for their intended purpose, making phone calls. In fact mobile search is expected to drive 33 billion clicks to call this year alone.

Google has recognised this in their latest update to call extensions, with key changes to the way that their call extensions work.

Automated Call Extensions

All Ads that lead visitors to a landing page with a prominent phone number automatically including a click to call extension on your ad.

This is encouraging news from Google as they validate the need to track calls, and understand that phone calls are driving very valuable conversions to your business. While we applaud Google for being proactive in their efforts to track all activity and get their customers more conversions there are some downfalls to automatically pulling the number from a landing page of a website.

Customers of Jet interactive would normally all have a click to call extension set up on most of their ads already, and have a static tracking number that they use specifically for their call extensions. This allows them to gain insights such as the duration, status, time and date of those calls without the drawbacks of google forwarding numbers. This also allows them to have more advanced telephony features and integrations into 3rd party CRM systems that Jet Interactive offers.

We Recommend

We would advise users of call tracking to opt out of the automatic call extensions and continue using your Jet adwords number. You will need to edit your Automated call extensions, Under advanced options check the box that will disable the automatic call extensions in your Adwords account. This will allow you to use a number of your choosing