Call Tracking Your Google Ads

Call Tracking Google Ads


Google is without a doubt the powerhouse of the internet. Internet searches have become “just Google it!”, Gmail is one of the most used online email clients, and the Google Suite knocks all other analytics and ad tools out of the water.

One of the more tempting features of Google Ads is the Call Extensions available as an Ad extension. Especially for mobile devices, the ability to call a business directly with just a tap of your finger is a great convenience and a very attractive ad feature for most businesses.

As a part of this extension, Google gives you the option to enable “call metrics”, which promises to use a unique Google forwarding number to track the phone calls made from your Ad. This is designed to deliver vital data straight into Google Ads and Analytics on the reach and cost to profit ratios of your marketing budget. It’s also a great option for businesses to get some more visibility on how their call extensions are delivering their sales leads and increasing their marketing ROI.


The problem? It’s not your number.


Yes, it’s unique, and yes, it counts the calls made while active on your account and honestly, it’s a great option for a small business looking for that little bit of extra information. What Google doesn’t tell you, is that there is no quarantine period between users, which means a customer calling you today from that number may call it again tomorrow and be directed to a different business.

Essentially, whoever is currently paying for that feature is the person that receives the call – less call tracking and more call forwarding. Google also immediately recycles the numbers it uses for these campaigns, meaning you may lose valuable repeat customers that press redial or even clients that have saved the number for future use.

This service also does not offer any additional reporting features on the call, such as call recording, call wrap up or even the caller ID. Also, unless they have come directly through the Ad itself, Google has no visibility of the phone conversions generated through other sources.

But even if you do decide that all of this is worth the risk, what about the people who have clicked through your ad to the webpage?


This is where an Ads only based approach is lacking. There are too many places and opportunities for your valuable clients to slip through the tracks. After all, you want your marketing dollars to give you the best ROI, but how can you track this with only half the data?



For clients of Jet Interactive, we suggest multiple ways of tracking your Google Ads traffic, in a more secure and comprehensive way than the Google call metrics are capable of.

We will supply you with your Ads number to list (or even multiple to track different campaigns) and also set up a session tracking pool on your website, to catch the conversions that occur after the initial interaction with your Ads listing. We can track the volume of calls by date and time, the call duration, call status (are all your calls even answered??),  service numbers called and reached and web session data.

We can even set up different pools of numbers to track different goals (eg: service vs sales) and push all of this data through to Google Suite in real time. We can also provide you with other features like call recordingcall whispers, and even set you up with a custom IVR to truly maximise your customer support services!


Jet’s integration with Google Analytics enables us to match the session data and client IDs from multiple visitors and repeat customers to track exactly when it was that they made the conversion into a paying (or calling) client. This gets can be tracked through GA and Google Ads the same as your call forwarding results too, but with much more detailed information to help you truly close the loop on your marketing!


As as an added bonus, we can set you up with a customised Dynamic Call Tracking Dashboard in Analytics to show all of this information and more at a glance!


Happy Analyzing!


Jet Interactive has a wide range of solutions to take care of all your call tracking needs, across both online and offline campaigns.
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