Call Tracking & Social Media

Social Media Call tracking

Being able to track phone calls from social media is nothing new. We have been providing call tracking for social media to our client base here at Jet for as long as Instagram has been around. However the way that we use social media and the impact that has had on us as marketers has drastically changed since then, in fact Social media ad spending is likely to exceed US $35 billion in 2017, representing 16 percent of all digital ad spending globally. That is an increase of US $13 billion dollars in the last two years alone.

Numbers like that can’t be ignored. Now is the time to make sure that you are tracking all of your calls from social media effectively and making sure that you are able to optimise what is becoming such a large portion of our digital marketing budgets.

First off, there are two distinctive ways that call tracking can be used to measure the success of your social media ads. People will either convert while they are looking at your social media account, Ad or post, OR they will click through to your website and convert while on your site.

That brings me to the two applications that you can use for your social media call tracking.

Static Numbers

If your LinkedIn ad, Facebook sponsored post, Facebook click to call campaign, Instagram or Twitter ad is encouraging consumers to call directly from the ad without clicking through to your website, then use static numbers. By assigning a unique static number to each social medium or ad, customers of ours can measure phone response directly from these ads.

Static numbers work well as a way to track people who call from organic social media platforms as well. Place a unique static number as your company phone number in each social media platform to measure the amount of calls coming in.

Dynamic Numbers

If you have Ads on social media platforms that are encouraging users to click through to your website with a call to action, dynamic numbers are your way to track those who call after coming through that channel. With Jet’s dynamic numbers you can track which of your social ads are working and which ones aren’t. Having dynamic numbers will also allow you to measure the impact that your social media is having in conversions that happen across multiple channels.


The best part is, if you have Jet’s Dynamic Numbers you can track your calls across all channels, not just social.