5 Ways to Increase Calls From Your Website


66% of Sales Managers consider phone leads to be more valuable than any other type of lead (BIA/Kelsey). How do you get more of these profitable leads? Your website is the most likely place these phone calls come from for many businesses – so is a great place to start.

Here’s 5 ways to drive more phone calls from your website.


1. Include a prominent phone number

Make sure visitors see your number, and that it can be found somewhere they are most  placed in an area that they would most likely locate it. We encourage putting your phone number in a large, bold font, towards the right hand corner of your page. Play around with size, colour and location and see what drives the most phone calls.

2. Make sure your phone number is in different areas of the page

As well as making sure your phone number stands out, make sure it is in at least 2 different areas of the website. Apart from the top right hand corner, try the bottom of the page. Visitors that are interested enough to read through your whole page may be prompted by your number at the bottom. Contemplate having a contact page with the phone number on it as well. Not relevant for every website, but some clients have had success with pop up windows with prominent with a call to action of a phone call with some immediacy – e.g. call this special phone number for 10% discount.

3. Use a call-to-action with the phone number

A call-to-action is an image or line of text that tells your visitors what you want them to do, e.g “Download our Ebook” or “Follow us on Twitter”. You want to instruct your visitors to call you just like anything else.

For a more effective call-to-action, try to encourage your visitors to call by adding a value proposition or a promotion in the call-to-action for example, “Call now for a free quote” or “Call us today and mention promo code XYZ”.

4. Make sure your phone number is compatible for mobile

In other words, make sure your visitors are able to click your number from their mobile phone. According to Google, 70% of mobile searchers have clicked a “call” button and 61% of all mobile searches result in a phone call. You just need a simple line of code to make your number clickable. Here is an example:

Click here to call!

Anytime I see a mobile website without clickable phone it makes me cry – the lost business!

5. A/B test number placement and CTAs

For driving for more phone calls from your website A/B testing is probably the most crucial tip. This will need a trial and error approach to work out what’s best for you, as no two businesses or customers are the same. In order to run an A/B test, you must manually make a modification to the number or CTA for a certain period of time, and measure the number of calls for each period. Don’t just A/B test your number, test your call-to-actions as well. Even test the colour, the font and the size of your phone number to see if those adjustments effect your number of calls.  As with any AB test make sure you remove variables from each test. E.g. don’t test size and position of the number at the same time – test only one element per test.

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