5 Ways Marketers Use Call Tracking to Get More Leads & Sales

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Call Tracking isn’t just for attribution – it optimises campaigns too!

We’ve put together a list of 5 ways marketers can use Call Tracking to get more leads and sales:

1. Visibility on 100% of your leads

We work with many businesses across many industries. In studies we have done (and others) phone calls account for up to 70% of leads for some businesses, and this is increasing with ease of click-to-call, exponential mobile advertising spends and smartphone penetration. B2B, industries with complex sales, high value sales and booking appointment style sales typically have high phone lead ratios when comparing to online leads like forms and online chat. This means without call tracking your analytics dashboard might be missing up to 70% of conversion data.

Not only this, phone calls convert much higher than web forms and other online leads. BIA/Kelsey showed that it takes 4 web forms to generate the same revenue as one phone call.

Once you get visibility on every valuable inbound lead to your business you can see which channels are working and allocate budget only to proven methods that work for your business.

2. Improved keyword portfolio

Our tracking technology can track inbound phone leads (and sales) right back to the keyword which triggered the ad which triggered the website visit which triggered the call. What this means is you can identify the high value keywords making your phone ring. Compare phone calls and web conversions to each keyword directly in Adwords and re-arrange your bidding logic accordingly.

Customers who optimise their ads with phone calls included have achieved huge growth in phone leads with no increase in search spend. For more information on this ask us about our case studies.

3. Optimised Ad scheduling

Whatever ad schedules you’re running – online and offline, call tracking can provide the insights you need to serve the right ad to the person most likely to convert at the right time.

By cross referencing geographical, time of day and device trends with phone conversions you can decide the optimal time and place to serve search ads, mobile display ads, remarketing banners and radio campaigns.

4. Gauge true intent

Call tracking isn’t just about what happens before the call – it can aid call handling and ad creation too. By listening to call recordings and comparing to the responsible ads, marketers can gauge true caller intent and improve their messaging for products or campaigns.

Similarly call centre managers and sales managers can make sure each lead is given the information they need and are given the right tools to push them closer to that sale by keyword mining phone transcripts.

5. Track to a sale

Again, our call insights tie into things that happen after the caller hangs up. If your sales usually occur months after the initial phone call, it can all be tracked through our CRM integration. Same goes if your sales usually occur on the first call – connect direct sales values to inound phone calls and the marketing campaigns responsible.

This way marketers can identify the acquisition campaigns and initiatives that are having positive impacts on the bottom line and adjust media spend accordingly.