5 Ways Call Routing Can Aid Sales


Call Tracking can be a sales managers best mate!

Call tracking is usually marketing led – but sales managers get a great deal out of the reports, and often use the methods below to increase sales performance through greater call conversion rates.

Time of day routing

This one sounds simple but businesses aren’t always are of the options available to them using Jet.  Routing calls by office hours is obvious—your office is closed so calls are routed to an after hours message or answering service —but what about daylight savings, timezones of your customers, weekends, holiday times and more? Certain stores also have different closing times, so why not route callers to an open store if the original location is closed?

Route calls to top performers

Most sales team have that Closer – they aren’t necessarily the Jordan Belfort of the organization but you trust them to get the signature. Some of our customers have increased sales figures significantly by increasing the call distribution to their top performers so they get more calls. Some even use it as an incentive: top the sales figures this month and get more inbound leads – top performers see this as a pretty powerful motivator.

Route calls based on marketing or product

This one is really beneficial when advertising specific products. If the product or service you offer is standard or the sales team knows all the offerings back to front it’s probably not relevant to do this. But if some sales members have expertise in specific areas it can be really powerful. Here at Jet we route telephony sales calls to our telephony experts and the call tracking enquiries through to the sales members with strong marketing backgrounds in most cases.


A certain national law firm using our technology realized they were losing a significant amount of sales when enquiries from Melbourne were being answered at the Sydney office. It became imperative to ensure Melbourne calls went through to the Melbourne office. Many businesses have similar requirements and use our geographical routing capabilities. Whatever it be – automatic exchange, city and state based routing to postcode IVR routing – we’ve can help divert calls to the correct location.

Jump the queue

The phone as a touch point can be an asset or a liability depending on how the calls are answered and the people answering the calls. It takes a lot of positive brand communication to make up for an unpleasant call. Similarly if you have important customers or prospects,  why not give them a way to jump the queue and make sure they aren’t waiting on the phone thinking about what type of service they’d get from your competitors.

If you want to learn more examples of how our customers have routed calls differently to improve close rates contact us today.