5 Factors Of The Jet Interactive Dashboard That Take Your Call Tracking To The Next Level

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Every view in analytics comes with a default “my dashboard”. While the default Dashboard may suffice, the real usefulness of dashboards lies in your ability to create and customise them the way you want.

Once Jet Interactive dynamic session tracking code has been properly installed on your site, the next move is to close the loop on collected data and use Google’s powerful analytics tool to fully understand and utilise the new data you are collecting.

Jet Interactive’s integration with Google Analytics is seamless and easy to set up, and once this has been done, adding in which custom dimensions and metrics you want will only take 5 minutes. From there you’ll be ready for Jet to build your custom Google Analytics dashboard.

Below are the 5 main benefits of installing a Jet Interactive Call Tracking dashboard.

Jet Interactive’s 5 factors


Customised Dashboards

The dashboards contain one or more widgets (up to 12 per dashboard) that give you an overview of the dimensions and metrics you care about most. Example of a customised Jet Interactive dashboard:

The customised dashboard is not always purely related to Call Tracking data but can also contain some widgets to help give context and reasoning behind the data you’re seeing. The example of this is the Unique Pageviews and Pageviews by Page widget, by itself this widget does not contain information pertaining to volume of calls, but when coupled with Visitors vs Calls overtime, it helps offer insight into site traffic and seeing if increased volume of sessions to certain pages is corresponding with a higher volume of calls.


Examples of widgets up close

Visitors vs Calls overtime is one of our most recommended widgets for your dashboard, it truly encompasses the Jet Interactive’s at a glance view for analytics. The widget tracks the amount of sessions your website is receiving along with the volume of calls your session tracking numbers are getting. This means for any given date range you are easily able to see if there is a correlation between more sessions equaling more calls. Or make judgements about certain marketing campaigns, such as is the increased sessions from a campaign actually generating more call conversions.

Source of Calls helps narrow down exactly where your conversions are coming from and assists in helping you decide where to refocus your marketing.

Once Jet’s Dynamic Call Tracking Dashboard has been set up in your Google Analytics, you will begin tracking data within the hour. You will immediately have better insights on your marketing endeavours and call conversions at your fingertips!

To speak to a Google Analytics expert today to book a demo and go through the full list of Call Tracking dimensions, email sales@jetinteractive.com.au or call 1300 310 727.