4 Ways to Reduce Costs With Call Tracking

4 ways to save with call tracking

Call Tracking is commonly classified as an expense, but like any good investment it ends up saving you money. Use the tips here to reduce marketing costs with call tracking.

1. Attribution

How do you know which channels and ads work without tracking every success? Business not using call tracking can only measure campaign success on things like web forms, increased visits and online signups. People that pick up the phone are lost to the attribution funnel.

Visibility on every lead allows businesses to make smarter spending decisions. Cut the ineffective acquisition campaigns not resulting in calls, forms or sales and save that budget for high performers.

2. Optimisation

Once you have attributed every call to the responsible initiative you can start to improve ad scheduling and content based on what works.

A good example is with Adwords – with call tracking you’ll know for sure which ads, keywords and campaigns make your phone ring or sales jump and which don’t. We’ve discussed how to optimise keyword portfolios on the high value keywords call tracking helps to identify, but you can save money by re-allocating (or removing) budget from the search campaigns not working.

The example of Adwords works well, but the same goes for many other campaigns. Mobile advertising might work for your industry or it might not – same goes for traditional media. Compare ads served with time of day and conversion trends to start making better decisions about ad scheduling. Remove budget from any locations that don’t generate leads or interest by geo-tracking your ad campaigns in our Call Tracker.

3. Choose the most appropriate call tracking solution

Choose the best call tracking solution.

Not every type of campaign requires the same level of call tracking as others. Make sure your marketing requirements fit in with your call tracking solution and stop spending on call tracking you aren’t using. Just need keyword level tracking on Adwords, or don’t care what page of the website someone called from? Then think about reducing the total amount of dynamic numbers in your account and save some budget that way.

4. Stop leads leaving your sales funnel

Call Tracking isn’t just about measuring how many calls marketing drives. It’s also about revenue protection and stopping leads from leaking out of your sales funnel.

At the most basic level, our missed call notifications and reports show businesses when they are missing sales calls. We also provide details on the callers number and message so they can be converted at a later time.

Our call recording feature helps call centres and sales managers ensure their staff are converting as many leads as possible once they get them on the phone. The phone is such an important brand touch point as no amount of marketing can turn around a rude operator. Listening to calls is also another great way to gauge true caller intent so marketing messaging can be more targeted, once you know which ads drove those calls that is!

If you integrate phone call information with your CRM system it’s easy to track the phone lead all the way through to eventual won or lost sale. Wouldn’t it save you money to know what marketing campaigns are generating the least amount of sales, let alone the ones that work?