Changes to Google Call Extensions

Google and Call Tracking have come a long way in the past couple of years and with the ever increasing reliance on our smartphones that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. More and more smartphones are being used every day, but more to the point they are actually being used for their intended purpose, making […]

Call Tracking

Jet Call Tracking Vs Google Call Forwarding

If you haven’t heard of Google’s Forwarding numbers before, they are an Adwords product that enable you to track calls from your Adwords when people click through to your website. It is a great starting point that introduces a lot of marketers to call tracking and has led to a lot of those marketers hungry […]


Call Tracking & Social Media

Being able to track phone calls from social media is nothing new. We have been providing call tracking for social media to our client base here at Jet for as long as Instagram has been around. However the way that we use social media and the impact that has had on us as marketers has […]

Call Tracking

How to Close the Loop Between Phone Lead & Sales

Not every phone call is made equal. Use these methods to measure the true impact marketing has on sales. Once you have setup and started using phone tracking it you may notice there is a gap in your analytics when you try to calculate ROI from campaigns, or measure a cost per acquisition. That’s because […]

Call Tracking

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Use Call Tracking

Our customers have helped us compile a list of the top reasons they use Call Tracking. “I never knew I needed an iPhone until I got one” – Unknown consumer This type of sentiment is often felt by marketers after implementing Call Tracking on their website. We often hear them say they can’t believe they […]


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