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Call Tracking Your Google Ads

  Google is without a doubt the powerhouse of the internet. Internet searches have become “just Google it!”, Gmail is one of the most used online email clients, and the Google Suite knocks all other analytics and ad tools out of the water. One of the more tempting features of Google Ads is the Call […]

Call Tracking

Jet’s custom Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics

So, I have a question. Being a business operating in the digital age, you obviously (hopefully) have a website and some sort of online presence. If you’re going one step further and tracking the traffic and interactions of your page with a tool like Google Analytics, then you’re exactly the person I want to speak […]

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Google Adwords Becomes Google Ads

Google has announced this week that Adwords is becoming Google Ads So what does the rebranding to Google Ads mean for you, and how is it going to affect the world of call tracking?  Here is our summary of the announcement. So what’s actually changing? Aside from the obvious name change to Google Ads, the […]


Changes to Google Call Extensions

Google and Call Tracking have come a long way in the past couple of years and with the ever increasing reliance on our smartphones that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. More and more smartphones are being used every day, but more to the point they are actually being used for their intended purpose, making […]


#CallTracking your #GoogleAds - what you need to know!

It’s official! Salesforce welcomes @Datorama to the family:

Find out the secret to becoming a company people want to work for in our latest video. Here’s how to spot a diamond in the rough 💎

We love this! Very interesting insights from Benjamin Mangold over at @LovesData - a must read for anyone who relies on the visibility of their GA conversions!

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